How To Dress and Accessorize Toddlers in the Winter

How To Dress and Accessorize Toddlers in the WinterThere are toddler accessories that can be worn in every season and one of those is the Baby Girl Bow Tie Clips. There bow tie clips have a versatility about them that is much appreciated by parents and kids all around. In the winter, it can be quite a hassle picking the right accessories. The focus should be on keeping the toddlers warm and then after that, accessories can be added. The Baby Girl Bow Tie Clips sear as the perfect finish to a winter outfit. But what consists of a winter outfit or toddlers?

How to Dress a Toddler in the Winter

How To Dress and Accessorize Toddlers in the Winter

When dressing a toddler for winter, two major things to keep in mind is that the clothes should be warm and cozy and that the clothes should allow for easy movement. If you bundle them up too tightly, they won’t be able to run around and play (their only job) and it might leave them feeling uncomfortable. Also for toddlers, it is important to wear the toddlers’ clothes that they can take off themselves if the need arises.

Head Accessories: Baby Girl Bow Tie Clips

 Baby Girl Bow Tie Clips

For head accessories, as we already mentioned Baby Girl Bow Tie Clips which are great for the winter and any season really, however, if you want to keep your toddlers head warm, its bets to get hats that are made for the cold weather. Wear them a hat when going outside even if their outfit or snowsuit has a hood. A lot of heat is lost through the head and ears so a hat is vital to keep the warmth in. Get a cotton or soft wool hat. And if you can get a hat with ear flaps even better.


How To Dress and Accessorize Toddlers in the Winter

Layering is one of the best ways to stay warm in the winter. The first layers that touch your toddlers’ skin should be light clothing that can trap in warmth. For the first layer, cotton shirts are usually the best option because they are breathable, can trap in warmth and are soft to the skin which means comfortable and cozy.

No Bulky Sweaters

How To Dress and Accessorize Toddlers in the Winter

It might be tempting to get bulky sweaters but they usually make kids get too hot and this can lead to discomfort. Bulky sweaters can also restrict movement so it’s best to get light sweaters that still provide warmth and then layers them with other items like a cotton t-shirt and plaid.


How To Dress and Accessorize Toddlers in the Winter

Bulky socks are not a great idea either. Except you are in extremely cold weather then you can use them as sleeping socks. Otherwise bulky socks would make your toddler shoes or snow boots not fit properly and could cause discomfort.


How To Dress and Accessorize Toddlers in the Winter

When buying a snowsuit for a toddler, find a snowsuit that fits your toddler perfectly and is exactly their size. Get snowsuits that are wind and water resistant so your toddlers can play in the snow without you worrying about them getting wet and catching a cold. Get snowsuits that are easy to take off when your toddler needs a bathroom break, it is not a hassle. Get ones with zips that go all way down to the knee or ankle. Make sure the cuffs fit properly and there is no wide open space along the wrists or ankles as this will cause cold and snow to creep in. If the snowsuit has velcro tabs this is great because it means you can adjust and readjust accordingly.


How To Dress and Accessorize Toddlers in the Winter

Mittens are a good choice if it’s not cold enough for full gloves or if your child is going to need a good grip of objects during the day (like if you are going ice skating). Mitten should be easy to slip on and they are warm because they keep the heat the fingers produces retained in the body.  As with snowsuits, mittens should have a warm inner lining and a weather-resistant shell. And if the mitts don’t come with short strings attached, consider this tip of purchasing clips to attach them to the sleeves of your toddler’s snowsuit. Another tip is to wear your toddlers the mittens before the snowsuit that way the mittens stay underneath the sleeves of the snowsuit.



When getting winter clothes for toddlers, get clothes that have the appropriate fasteners so it’s easy to put on and take off. You are going to be doing diaper changes and potty breaks so complicated fasteners will be a pain. Get clothing with fasteners like zips, velcro or large buttons. Don’t get clothing with fasteners like ribbons or strings as they will be a hassle and they might even be a choking hazard.

How to get Kids on Board with Winter with their Closet

How To Dress and Accessorize Toddlers in the Winter

Let them be Involved

Allow your kids to get involved with what they wear and even with the winter shopping. This will get them excited and feel more in control. Give them the opportunity to have some input in non-consequential items like what they ear to bed, what color their shirt is or what they want to be their first r second layer. This will also teach them decision making and some independence.

Pack Warm Clothes

Even if you are sure it’s going to be cold all day, it is a good idea to pack some warm clothes incase you need to change or take off the layer. Also when it gets colder you can add on an extra layer. Also if your toddler is being difficult you can let them go without their coat and when they get to school and see other kids in their coat they will change their mind